Frequently asked questions

Shelter Information

What is Valley Animal Haven?

Valley Animal Haven is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue facility. We rescue the lives of homeless and helpless animals throughout the Central Valley.

Are you truly a "no-kill" facility?

Yes. Valley Animal Haven is truly a no-kill facility. Animals that arrive at our facility are safe from euthanasia. We will never euthanize because of space or time. We believe that all animals deserve a PAWsitive New Beginning.

What is a managed admissions shelter?

Valley Animal Haven is a managed admissions shelter. This means that we can only accept animals on a space available basis. We accept animals as space and resources allow. Therefore, owner-surrendered animals are accepted by appointment only.

What makes you different from Animal Control?

Your local animal control agency is considered an "open admissions" shelter, meaning, they are required to accept all lost, stray or abandoned animals from the public, regardless of a medical condition or adoptability. As a result, they must euthanize animals to make space for additional incoming animals. In order to reduce the rate of euthanasia, local animal control agencies partner with local no-kill shelters and rescues to assist in taking many healthy and adoptable animals and placing them for adoption.

When can I meet with the animals?

Our kennels, and cat enclosues, are open for walk-in visits on Friday and Saturday from 11am-4pm Our office is open for walk-in business on Friday and Saturday from 11am-5pm We are closed from Sunday through Thursday We also have cats and kittens available for adoption through our Adoption Center at Hanford PetSmart.

Adoption Information

Why is there an Adoption Fee?

Valley Animal Haven is a non-profit private animal rescue facility. This means that we do not receive any Federal, State or Municipal Funding to keep our doors open. The Adoption Fee helps us offset some of the costs associated with the care of our animals until adoption. The Adoption Fee assists us in covering: 1. Spay or Neuter 2. Vaccinations to date 3. Microchipping 4. Flea & Tick Treatment 5. Routine Deworming 6. Housing and Food Costs

I live in an apartment. Why am I unable to adopt a large breed dog?

We do not allow large breed dogs to be adopted into apartment living as large breed dogs require a lot of space and time to expend their energy. Housing a large breed dog in an apartment is unfair to the animal.

What is the Training Contract Deposit?

Valley Animal Haven charges a Training Contract Deposit on all medium or large breed dogs. This Training Contract Deposit is to ensure that our larger breed dogs go to a training class to help them learn key socialization skills and manners. Once training is completed, this deposit is refunded to the adopter. Our goal is not to keep the Training Contract Deposit. It is to ensure that our animals attend training to be set up for success in their new home.

I have an unfixed animal at home. Can I adopt from you?

Kings County is a mandatory spay/neuter County unless the individual has a breeding permit. We cannot knowingly adopt one of our animals to a home with an unaltered animal. Spaying or Neutering your animals greatly improve their health and temperament. We believe that it is essential for animals to be fixed to prevent overpopulation and behavior issues.

Why do I need a Home Inspection?

Some of our animals require a home inspection. The Home Inspection is done to ensure that our animal will be going to a suitable home environment. When a home inspection is required, our Adoption Team will go over scheduling the appointment with you.

Why do I need to bring in my other animal for a meet and greet?

We require a meet and greet with all animals in the family to ensure that everyone will get along in the household. A meet-and-greet will be facilitated with our staff at the Shelter.

Do you do Foster to Adopt?

No. We currently do not offer foster-to-adopt services at this time. We are currently in the process of revamping our Foster Programs. Please check back with us regularly to see if a Foster to Adopt Program has been launched!

I am driving from a considerable distance. How can I make sure that an animal will still be available?

Valley Animal Haven recognizes the importance of your time. Driving a considerable distance to meet with a potential new furry family member, without an assurance they will be there, can be stressful. We always ask that you contact our office prior to your departure to verify that the animal you are interested in is still available for adoption. If the animal is available, our staff will work with you to reserve the animal (same-day requests only) until you arrive.

The Application asks for a Veterinarian. What if I do not have a veterinarian?

That's okay! We ask this question to ensure that your new family member has a Veterinarian to visit for regular check ups and preventative care. We are happy to provide you a listing of the Veterinarians that we utilize here at our shelter.

What are the requirements to adopt an animal?

Valley Animal Haven screens all applicants for eligibility to adopt from our organization. We screen applicants to ensure that our animals are going into an ideal living environment where they will be loved and cared for. Some of the questions we may ask include: 1. Do you have a fenced-in yard? (For Larger Breed Dogs) 2. Do you plan on declawing this animal? (For Cats) 3. Do you have a veterinarian? 4. Do you plan on moving in the near future? We believe that our animals are lifelong friends and would like to ensure they are going to a good home. We review the application with an adopter during the adoption process. If there are any items of concern, our Adoption Team will go over that with you.

Animal Control

I found a stray animal. Can I bring it to you?

It is the policy of Kings County Animal Services that all found animals (whether abandoned, stray or found) are sent to Animal Control to complete a mandatory stray hold period. The majority of our animals come to us from Animal Control Agencies. These organizations are responsible for stray animal pick-ups, cruelty cases and enforcing licensing laws. Your local animal control agency is the only entity that is contracted to offer animal control services for your city or county. Animals that are found as strays will be placed on a stray hold which allows an owner, who may have lost their pet, an opportunity to relcaim their animal. Please keep in mind that surrendering a stray animal to animal control means you are giving the animal the best chance of being reunited with tis family. Valley Animal Haven can assist you in scanning the animal for a microchip. Please contact our office for additional information.

I found a litter of kittens. What do I do?

Mother cats will often leave their litters unattended for many hours at a time. They can be out looking for food or in the process of finding a new location for her litter. It is best to leave the kittens where they were found to allow the mother to return to them. If you notice the kittens have been left to the elements, try to shade them or shelter them with a portable item such as a cardboard box. Never move, touch or distrub the kittens. Many mothers will return overnight to their litters. However, if you are certain that the kittens have been left unattended for more than 24 hours, please contact our office and we would be able to provide you with next steps and alternative options.

Do you offer spay or neuter services?

Valley Animal Haven does not offer spay or neuter services to the public. Please contact your local animal control agency for information on low-cost spay or neuter programs.

My animals need vaccinations. Do you vaccinate animals?

No. Valley Animal Haven does not offer vaccinations to the public. Please contact your local Veterinarian or animal control agency for information on low-cost vaccination clinics in your area.