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  • Why do I have to pay a surrender fee?
    Valley Animal Haven is a non-profit, private animal shelter. We do not rely on Federal, State or Municipal funding to keep our doors open. The surrender fee covers some costs associated with the care of your pet while they are looking for their forever home. Costs will cover: 1. Food and Kennel Expenses 2. Vaccinations 3. Spay or Neuter 4. Microchipping 5. Flea and Tick Prevention 6. Deworming
  • Will you take a litter of puppies or kittens?
    Litters of puppies or kittens are taken in on a space available basis. Please contact the office for additional information.
  • Can I just bring my dog or cat in?
    No. Valley Animal Haven takes owner surrendered animals by appointment only. Please complete a questionnaire to begin the process of surrendering your animal. We prioritize bringing in animals from municipal animal control agences. These animals have run out of time to be adopted and could face euthanasia if we cannot intervene.
  • Why do I need to schedule an appointment for a temperament evaluation for my dog?
    Our Kennels are communal living spaces. A temperament evaluation will allow us to determine if your dog will get along with its potential kennel mates. It also gives us an opportunity to determine if the animal will get along with our Staff and Volunteers.
  • My dog or cat can be aggressive. Will you accept them?
    No. Our kennels are communal living environments. Therefore, we cannot accept aggressive or terrirorial animals. This is to ensure the safety of our Staff, Volunteers and our Animal Companions. Kennel living can be a very stressful environment. Especially if the pet has not been properly socialized and dislikes being around other animals or sharing their personal space. If your animal does not pass a temperament evaluation, we would be unable to accept your animal into our facility.
  • I am being told you are full. Can I placed on a waiting list?
    We do not offer a waiting list for owner surrendered animals. We prioritize rescuing animals at risk of euthanasia at municipal animal control agencies. Because of this, our kennel space fluctuates on a daily basis.
  • I adopted my animal from Valley Animal Haven. Can I bring it back?
    Valley Animal Haven will always try to accept our animal back into our facility. Please contact our office immediately to ensure that we can make space for our animal to return to our facility.
  • I adopted my animal from another rescue. Will you take my animal?
    We require that you contact the rescue you adopted your animal from to see if they are willing to accept your animal, first. Many adoption agencies state that the animal must be surrendered back to them if you can no longer care for the animal. If you do not receive a response or your request was denied, please complete a surrender questionnaire to begin the surrender process.
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