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Stray Animals

Contact your local animal control agency FIRST!

All stray animals must be reported through proper animal control channels to allow an opportunity for an owner to reclaim the animal(s). If the animal(s) are not reclaimed by the time their stray hold is up, they become eligible for placement in rescue or adoption.

Kings County

Tulare County

Fresno County

I found kittens

Have they been abandoned? Or is mom out hunting?

Mother cats will often leave their litters unattended while they hunt or look for a safe place to relocate the kittens to. 

If you are certain mom is not coming back, The Kitten Lady can help you determine what the kittens need.

Please remember that when you take in a litter of kittens, you become responsible for them! 


Spay/Neuter Help

Spaying and neutering SAVES LIVES!

Here are some low cost spay and neuter resources:


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