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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

Valley Animal Haven believes that providing innovative programs will allow us to continue our mission to save as many homeless and helpless animals as we can. We offer programs ranging from community outreach programs to foster programs, our program goals are to reduce kennel stress, increase visibility of our animals, provide education on the humane care of animals, provide outreach programs to partner with our community to reduce the length of stay for animals housed at our facility.

Education & Outreach Programs

Community Education is essential in reducing shelter intake. We believe that providing education and outreach programs allows us to identify how we can serve our community.

Community Programs

We believe that our community is our greatest strength. Partnering with our community allow us to implement key programs to improve the quality of life for both our shelter animals and the community at large.


Foster Programs assist us in helping our animals learn how important socialization and life skills for adoption. Fosters work closely with our Organization to help prepare our animals for adoption.

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