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Bubba's Legacy Program   

Bubba was the beloved pet of our founder, Pam Brasil.  Bubba was born at Pam's home and he lived to be the ripe old age of 17 1/2 yrs before crossing the rainbow bridge.  Bubba had many adventures in his lifetime, including being the Kings County 4-H Dog Care Ambassador.  Bubba traveled throughout the state of California during his 4-H career.  He was a special favorite at 4-H summer camps held in the Santa Clara county.  Bubba was often referred to as the "giant panda" and lived up to his reputation of being a gentle giant.  He especially loved spending time with children of all ages.  Bubba is best remembered as an ever-faithful friend and companion.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is charitable, exclusively for the welfare of animals and increased education of animal owners, including but not limited to dogs and cats. The purpose is to provide shelter, care, and re-homing of rescued, abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless dogs and cats.  Our goal is to reduce, or some day eliminate, the need for space/time euthanasia at animal control agencies through the central San Joaquin Valley.


Our Vision
To find a loving forever family for every homeless animal.


Our Beliefs
We believe that:

  • Unity of purpose is our guiding principle.

  • Pets entrusted to our care will be treated with dignity by trained professionals committed to each animal's well-being.

  • All pets should be spayed or neutered.

  • All pets deserve a second chance at a loving stable home.

  • What we do is saving lives.

  • There is no place for anger or negativity around pets.

  • We can change the world… animal at a time.

  • Animals Cannot help themselves. They depend solely upon the generosity and compassion of humans. Our shelter is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals. The homeless animals we serve rely upon the generosity and compassion of our supporters.


When developing your estate plan, you can do well by doing good. Leaving money to charity rewards you in many ways. It gives you a sense of personal satisfaction, and it can save you money in transfer taxes.

With a life income gift, the donor gives up ownership today, but (in most cases) no money becomes available to spend on programs until after the donor's death ( The charitable lead trust is an exception). 

With a bequest, the donor retains title, access, and control of the gift until his or her death.

The payout of a charitable gift annuity is generally calculated to leave the non-profit with a remainder of 50% of the original gift.

The outright gift can produce the largest tax deduction of any giving method, in the great majority of cases.

The life income gift produces only a partial tax deduction, because only a part of the asset given is, in fact, a gift.


Making a bequest to Valley Animal Haven In Your Estate Planning - Charitable Giving
If you are considering a bequest (Charitable Giving) in your estate planning, here is some important information you will need to provide your attorney or financial advisor:

Name and address of the Organization:
Valley Animal Haven & Adoption Center
Mailing Address: 990 E. D Street – Lemoore, CA  93245
Phone Number: (559) 997-3601
EIN: 46-5080982
Tax Status: Non-profit 501 (c)3 tax exempt organization

Contact at VAH: Maureen Tompkins (Board Treasurer) or Sarah Jackman (Director)
(559) 997-3601 or email:

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